Tips for the A-Level Economics Paper

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July 12, 2019
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Tips for the A-Level Economics Paper

The H1 A-Level Economics Paper consist of Paper 1 Case Studies while H2 A-Level Economics Paper consists of Paper 1 Case Studies and Paper 2 Essays.

The case study component presents pages of economic data and issues in textual, numerical and graphical forms. Following that, questions relating to these data and issues will be posed to students.

The essay component requires students to answer in essay format. Section A of this component will focuses on microeconomics and questions while Section B focuses on macroeconomics. Some of these questions may be based on real world economics context. Students are to answer a total of three essay questions, of which one must be from Section A, one from Section B and one from either Section A or B.

Here are some tips on how to score for your economics paper:

Strengthen your economic foundation

Nothing will go wrong with a strong foundation in economics. Constant revision and practice will better prepare you to tackle the examination questions. You will also be more familiar with the economic concepts and hence, be able to apply the concepts easily.

Identifying key words

The key words of the question will determine the type of answers required. For example, the words “describe”, “explain” and “discuss” will produce a different answer. Students need to read every question carefully to identify the question requirements accurately.

Analytical skills

Students need to be equipped with the skills to analyse the data given for the case study component. This is because the data needs to be used to support the answers. When data is analysed correctly, students will know which topic they should draw a link to apply to their answers. The essay component also requires analytical skills as some questions draw link to real-world issue and hence, students should analyse to identify the right economic concepts to use.

Viewing from different perspectives

Students should consider from different perspectives when planning their answers. This is to ensure that all possible viewpoints can be covered to produce a substantial answer while applying the correct economic concepts. Additionally, with more perspectives considered, students will be able to write a good evaluation and mature judgement.

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