Economics Tuition – Is it necessary?

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July 12, 2019
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March 2, 2020
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Economics Tuition – Is it necessary?

Many students often have a difficult time deciding if they should pursue Economics as it is a  completely new and foreign subject. All students entering Junior College often have no prior experience or knowledge regarding Economics. This means that students must put in more effort and time into studying Economics to grasp and understand new and challenging concepts. When doing so, students might definitely run into some difficulties and will take a longer time to grasp and comprehend these new concepts. Thus, a dedicated and responsible JC economics tutor would usually be brought into the picture. When searching for a good Economics tutor in Singapore, students have to take into consideration their teaching style and resources made available to them. Therefore, students should definitely consider JC Economics Education Centre set up by renowned econs tutor Anthony Fok to guide them through their Junior College and Economics journey.

Taught by famous econs tutor Mr Anthony Fok, students will definitely benefit greatly and develop an interest in studying Economics. His unique style of teaching revolves around incorporating stories and real life experiences into what students generally perceive as difficult and complex Economics concepts. This makes understanding and grasping the new concepts much easier than in regular lectures and tutorials conducted in school. Additionally, the detailed presentation and comprehensive diagrams provided for each question will answer all the questions that students have about Economics. In Economics, the new syllabus change resulted in many new answering techniques and frameworks required for students to master if they want to achieve a distinction in Economics. In JC Economics, Mr Anthony Fok has adapted and incorporated the frameworks and concepts into his weekly practices and notes, allowing students to have constant practices and exposure to the new syllabus. The patience that Mr Fok teaches with also provides a platform for students to clarify any doubts and queries that they have about concepts. Paired with the unique ability to tailor his lessons to each and every student and their different learning paces, he provides high quality notes packed with relevant examples and questions for students to practice. This will then translate to them gaining  valuable experience to excel in their examinations, something lacking in the regular school curriculum.

Along with immaculate notes that will greatly benefit students, Mr Anthony Fok caters to the need of students outside of the classroom as well. With various branches of JC Economics all around Singapore, such as Bishan, Tampines and Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Mr Anthony Fok provides a convenient location for students to attend class despite where they live. Furthermore, the flexible timings provided allows for easy and convenient changes if students are unable to attend a lesson, even if it is last minute. The usually rigid and fixed timings of most tuition centres will make students plan their schedule around the classes, instead of the opposite. Therefore, by joining JC Economics Tuition Centre, students will definitely have a more relaxing and flexible schedule. In addition, students would also see a large improvement in their grades, and under the teaching of econs tutor Mr Anthony Fok, also gain an interest in Economics.

To sign up for the Economics Tuition class, please send an SMS to 8251 3684

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