Economics tuition by Anthony Fok : Worthwhile a try?
March 2, 2020
Economics tutor Anthony Fok specialises in JC Econs Tuition
March 6, 2020
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Econs tuition by Anthony Fok

In JC Economics, more time is required to understand and comprehend the challenging concepts taught. Even more so, it takes great practice to master the techniques and apply it correctly to the question. These techniques and practices are often neglected and not taught in schools, who instead focus on content. This results in many students seeking out for Economics Tuition and a good tutor to help them grasp the concepts ignored in school.

Mr Anthony Fok is a highly sought after Economics Tutor due to his ability to break down difficult and complex concepts into comprehensible and basic statements. His lessons will ensure that every student leaves with a deeper understanding and joy for Economics. The lecture style set up of the classroom means that students are forced to focus on the task at hand. The large size of the classroom also allows for a creative and relaxed atmosphere that encourages students to maximise their learning ability. Along with providing high quality notes packed with real life examples, it teaches students how to apply and practice the skills needed to excel in their examinations. The constant repetition of key words and techniques will result in it becoming second nature to students, and they will not falter or crack under pressure, even in exams. By teaching with great patience and passion, Mr Anthony Fok’s lessons will erase all doubts and queries that students have. His friendliness and kindness make him an extremely approachable person, allowing students to ask him questions without hesitation, something often absent in schools due to the intimidating setting and atmosphere of lessons.

In addition, JC Economics tuition centre provides an extremely convenient and flexible schedule, allowing students to incorporate classes into their weekly schedule, instead of planning their week around classes. Located at Bishan, Tampines and Bukit Timah, the widespread locations available all over Singapore will also provide shorter travelling time for students. Moreover, the flexible timings and convenient scheduling of make up classes will permit students to never miss a class. Even if they are really unable to attend a single make up class at any branch, Mr Fok will gladly send the online video of the lesson that they have missed, allowing the student to catch up at their own pace! This is also something that cannot be done in schools, where missing a lesson will lead to great trouble in attempting to reschedule a make up lesson due to the teachers’ hectic schedule. The extra classes conducted during examination periods, which are twice as long as regular lessons, enable students to fully clarify their doubts and refresh the basic concepts once again. These extra classes are extremely useful, as they are normally held the day before an Economics paper, passing off as revision and a last minute recap. After the lesson, students need not worry about burning the midnight oil, but can instead focus on getting a good night’s rest. Through Mr Anthony Fok and JC Economics, it’s distinction rates speak for itself, and is only a small testament of what students can achieve in the classroom.

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